Best Kids Games for Android

Aug 6, 2012

When you have kids, and have a life outside of kids, you need some distractions for them now and then. These are some of the best apps available for kids games because you never know when you need a time killer.

Kid Mode: Free Learning Games

This is a must have app for parents with young kids. It comes with some fun and educational games, but you can also play other games like Angry Birds and others in safe “kid mode.” The one issue it has is that it is fairly easy to unlock.


Kids Connect the Dots

Really terrific app for preschoolers and younger. It teaches them to count and complete tasks in sequence. There is a lite version if you want to try it out before buying the full version.


Train Conductor 2: USA

This is one of those games that you get for the kids, but secretly play on your own. It is highly addictive and takes some real concentration to succeed. The graphics are awesome and it’s a fun way to learn about different parts of the United States.


Great Little War Game

Great for kids who are a little bit older, this game provides a lot of strategy based entertainment. It has four difficulty levels so you can ramp it up if you want to play.


Yummy Burger kids cooking game

A fun way for your kids to kill the time as well as learning the basics of running a business. Well, that may be a little ambitious, but it will teach them teamwork and organization, as well as allow you to get some stuff done around the house.


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