Best Games for Sports Fans

Jun 27, 2011

I love playing sports but it’s always nice to be able to rest my limbs, relax, kick back and play the same types of games with my thumbs

Backbreaker Football

This fast paced game puts you in the shoes of a running back, sprinting towards the end-zone having to dodge everyone running at you. This is one of those games you don’t put down until you’ve gotten the hang of it, and even then it’s hard to stop playing



Soccer has always been one of my top favorite sports and FIFA is by far my favorite sports games to play so obviously when I found this game I couldn’t help getting it. Even though some of my friends have had trouble getting it to play on their Android, it works fine on mine so I’m not worrying, just killing the opposition in every match, and the graphics are perfect for this type of game


Tiki Golf 3D

My least favorite thing about playing mini golf on my droid is how all the other games besides this one not only don’t look good but are in 2D which makes it much less fun to play. I love mini golf and I’ve always been good with angles so I guess it helps me to see a hole as it actually would be in real life


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