Best Apps for working out

Sep 14, 2011

Most of us enjoy a good work out but resort to old school ways to monitor our progress. I watch people log their information into books at the gym and i shake my head.. With the sensors that exist in phones today ( gps, accelerometer) to name a few there are some AWESOME apps to monitor , improve, and most importantly enjoy working out.


Love it because you can set a schedule , track your progress, compete with friends, and share the results. The different modes such as walking, and lifting weights etc is perfect because the app provides a good breakdown of caloric loss along with other desired information.


RunKeeper Free

Love it because they introduced the notion of a health graph. The web presentation is nice as well allowing you reflect on the trails you went running on.


Endomondo – Running & Walking

Big fan of this more because their website is nicely built and a live tracker lets you know what other members are doing.


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