Best Apps for Learning Korean

Oct 14, 2011

If you have an inclination to pursue learning Korean, I advise you to check out these apps, as they will prove quite helpful.

Learn Korean Free WordPower

With this app you’ll be able to learn one word a day; you get to, see the character, hear how it’s meant to be pronounced, and then even record yourself practicing the pronunciation so you can master it.


Google Korean Input

This app allows you to search google in Korean; the perfect testing for helping you read the language and pronunciate more clearly.


Dictionary All

This app lets you attempt to construct a sentence in Korean, and then it gives you detailed explanations of everything you did wrong so you know for future reference.


English Korean Dictionary

With over 94,000 words to be translated and a word playback function you can get a much better feel for the language. You can even add words to your list of favorites so you can review them more effectively.


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