Best Apps for Leadership Development

Jul 28, 2012

If you’re a business owner, or heck even a parent, leadership development is incredibly important. Here are some great apps to provide leadership skills, tips and inspirational quotes.

How to Win Friends and Influen

This is one of the best books ever written on leadership and leadership development. The app offers up key quotes and bulleted techniques that you can use to inpire yourself, or share via social media.


Leadership Development

This app is like a leadership workshop in your pocket. Full of great articles, webinars, and more, it is great for organizational development or HR training.


HBR Tips

From Harvard Business School comes the Harvard Business Review tips app. Get daily management and leadership tips daily in the form of short, easily digestible articles. Only issue is the lack of sharing ability or saving of articles, otherwise great info!


101 Rules for Leaders

Great for managers, entrepreneurs, or anyone else in a leadership position. It offers a lot of very simple tips, but they are often overlooked or just need reminding! Great simple app.


Leadership Qualities!

Wow, a very good leadership class all packed into this one little app. I love anything with numbers or steps, and this one has the 12 qualities every leader needs. I enjoy checking off the list as I go through theme!


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