Best Apps for Gardeners

Aug 3, 2012

Whether you are a fledgling gardener or you were born with a green thumb, here are some apps that will help you along the way. There are some to help you get started, and others to assist you in the process.


This handy little app will give you advice on what to grow, when to grown it, and how to keep track of the growth. You can take photos to keep track. Only downside is that the database of plants seems limited.


Garden Guide

Garden Guide is chockfull of useful tips and resources for growing all sorts of crops. It offers up planting and harvesting guides along with useful gardening tips. Great for the new gardener!


Grow Buddy

If you’re running a medical garden, this app is really fantastic. Provides everything you need to know in keeping your garden in tip top shape, with charts for feeding schedules, PH levels and a whole lot more.


Remember To Water

Sometimes it is just a matter of remembering to water the darn plants! Here’s an app where you can program it to set up a reminder to water all of your plants.


My Plant Diary

Really terrific app to help keep track of all of your plants, from flowers to vegetables. Great for if you plant new stuff weekly, or monthly to keep track of what grows best in your area. Take a pic, chart growth and provide notes on your garden. Highly recommended!


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