Best Android Apps for Learning Punjabi

Sep 22, 2011

I am taking a linguistics class and so really curious about languages. These apps are a great way to get a taste of Punjabi.

Punjabi Kosh — Dictionary

This excellent Punjabi/English dictionary is only $3.00. It has over 20,000 translations and is very easy to use. A must-have for learning Punjabi. Can’t be stored on SD card


Punjabi to English Translator

This app costs $1.99 and contains a phrasebook and translator for Punjabi. The phrasebook has over 250 useful phrases – and the translator works with an internet connection and can translate over a million words/phrases. Easily searched, very useful!


Gurmukhi Keyboard

This gives you a keyboard with Gurmukhi letters – which are used in the Punjabi language.


Gurmukhi Alphabet

This app will help you learn the Gurmukhi alphabet so that you can learn to read in Punjabi. Uses audio – very simple.


PaniniKeypad Punjabi IME

This keyboard allows you to type in Punjabi and other Indian languages.


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