Best Android Apps for Learning (Cantonese) Chinese

Aug 25, 2011

One of my best friends is from Hong Kong and he always speaks in code in Cantonese when he doesn’t want me to understand. I’m secretly using these apps to learn enough to understand what he is saying!

Cantonese keyboard

This is an easy to use Cantonese keyboard with all the Cantonese keys and multiple key layouts as well as auto-correct.


Cantonese Alphabet

Learn the Cantonese alphabet using this app! easy to use and highly useful in learning the language.


Cantonese phrasebook

A simple Cantonese phrasebook – teaches functional Cantonese.


Chinese Character Trainer

This is a smart flashcard app that teaches you the most frequently used Chinese characters. It would be nice to view characters that have been already marked.


SVOX Cantonese粵語 Hei Wan Voice

This is great as it will read things aloud in a Cantonese voice including Google Navigation, ebooks, and more!


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