Best Android Apps Featuring Mouths

Nov 11, 2011

These apps are all about mouths. Speaking, kissing, eating!


This is an app with 36 funny illustrations of mouths. You can animate them in time with a sentence and hold your phone in front of your mouth to make it look like it’s you talking. Cute.


Trash Mouth

Want to chew someone out? This app has a photo of a mouth and 8 funny insults on a soundboard.


Potty Mouth Intl Translator

This app has translations of foreign words into English – only “bad”/cuss/swear words!


Harmonica: Just Use Your Lips!

This app simulates a harmonica. It comes with a warning to clean your phone first before you put your mouth on it. It actually works pretty well, and gives you a choice of harmonicas.


Anatomy of the Mouth

This is a flash card app that helps you learn the parts of the mouth and their function.


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