Beat the spread with ESPN Fantasy Football 2010

Nov 22, 2010

Tens of thousands of rabid fantasy football fans rely on ESPN’s popular fantasy football web site (standard and mobile) to set up their teams, make trades, and more. ESPN fanatics packing an Android-powered device should run, not walk, to the marketplace and pick up the official ESPN Fantasy Football 2010 app.

Logging into your ESPN account is a snap. Once logged-in, you can view your team(s), pull up rosters and make swaps, adjust lineups as soon as players are sidelined by injuries (or just sucking on the field), view current scores, and handle trades.

In the background, ever-present data is just a finger-press away, including schedules, message boards, team information, standings and more.

Where the app really shines is real-time roster management. Controls next to each player make it easy to swap in newcomers as needed; opening each player card displays current stats and injury data all in one place. You’ll never hit the virtual field with an injured player (or one on a bye week!) ever again.

Sure, most of this can be handled via your laptop at the bar on gameday, or via your mobile web browser, but the layout, functionality and user-friendly design of this app will win you over, save you time, and keep you at the top of the leaderboards.

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Tim McLain

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