Be ready for holiday shopping with these Android apps

Nov 21, 2011

After a filling day of turkey and well wishes comes the full force of the holiday shopping season. Your Android phone can help you prepare and stay on track (and on budget) throughout the entirety of the holiday shopping season, nailing down discounts, price comparisons and even tools to track fellow shopping buddies.

Black Friday App (Free)

The Black Friday App is a definitive tool for any Android user heading to the stores this weekend, and it even made my list for useful Thanksgiving holiday apps as well. The free app aggregates all the deals that are worth looking at, from leaked and confirmed sources. You can price-compare directly within the app to check for the best online prices, and use the store locator to find nearby deals. There’s a search tool to help you find deals on the products you’ve been eyeing, and sharing options to spread the love.

ShopSavvy (Free)

The holiday season is all about finding the deepest discounts, and ShopSavvy’s popular barcode scanner has helped millions price shop, even outside of holiday shopping. A timely update to ShopSavvy’s Android app offers one-tap purchasing for a string of major retailers, including Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Barnes & Noble. The update means you can scan an item while you’re in the store, and purchase it online without leaving the app, should ShopSavvy turn up a better deal. Search has also been improved, along with more data from some 40,000 retail partners. You’ll also see a separate section for local deals, promotions and coupons, filtered by retailer and category.

TheFind: Catalogs. Scan/Search (Free)

TheFind is all about tracking down the best deals, with millions of products across 150,000 merchants in their database. With TheFind’s app you can scan barcodes to search for better prices, browsing catalogs as you hone in on deals. You can create a shopping list directly from this app, keeping tabs on your budget as well as the items you’re looking for. There’s numerous details provided for each item searched, including price comparisons across its many sources. TheFind is looking to create an all-in-one shopper companion for the budget-conscious, and this app has a chance to really shine this hoiday season.

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Family Locator (Free)

For many, Black Friday has become as much of a family affair as Thanksgiving Day itself. Teams of family and friends band together and brave cold weather, long lines and aisle fights in order to get the best deals. Divide and conquer is a useful tactic in busy stores and shopping centers, so to keep tabs on fellow shoppers, try a GPS tracker like Family Locator. It tracks in real-time, displays location histories for all tracked members and works with any mobile phone, even those that can’t run apps. It’s a ubiquitous tool you can use for a number of situations, but easy communication on a hectic day like Black Friday can save everyone time and money.

Christmas List (Free)

Many Black Friday shoppers revel in this Thanksgiving day extension because it helps them save money on Christmas shopping. If one of your primary goals during Black Friday is to put a serious dent in your holiday shopping list, then the Christmas List app for Android is a handy companion. Organize gifts and your budget with this free app, tracking spending, gifts purchased, mailed and wrapped. You can scan products to add them to a list, share your list with the other “Santas” in your family, and even password-protect your lists so prying recipients can’t clue in on their gifts.

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