Battling Boredom with BoxOff

Nov 13, 2016

Another game developed Steven Meyer, BoxOff holds a prominent place among his collection of puzzle games for mobile devices. Available for both iOS and Android 4.1 and above, those who find entertainment value in puzzle games, specifically that of Solitaire, will be able to download and be challenged by the game. Aimed at helping those develop critical thinking skills during their free time, BoxOff is equipped with addictive gameplay that has the ability to engage players for long durations at a time.

Based on a simple concept, BoxOff is a puzzle game which is derived from the classical Solitaire. With just one rule, the main objective of players who start this game is to remove same colored pieces from a board. While it sounds simple in nature, the caveat to this is that the same colored pieces should share a rectangle and no other colored pieces can lie in it. Therefore, while the premise and objectives of the game are simple, it can be extremely challenging to complete in the more advanced levels. For these reasons, BoxOff is able to keep players engaged for long periods of time.

Completely free to download and play, BoxOff contains no in-app purchases for future levels but does include purchasing options for themes. Furthermore, unlimited levels in the game are offered for free which means that players are endlessly challenged regardless of how many levels they successfully complete. With two different themes available for free which allow players to either see tiles or buttons on the screen.   Beyond themes, players are also able to purchase four additional themes as per their requirements including counters, minimal, gems, and runes.

In order to appeal to players with different levels of gameplay experience, BoxOff offers two difficulty levels. Players who just start playing this game can proceed with the easy mode whereas players who have been playing the game for some time can go ahead with the more advanced mode. Moreover, four board sizes are also available for the players to choose from depending on their preference and comfortability with different levels of difficulty.

As a puzzle game, players are intellectually challenged as opposed to being presented with a more arcade-style game with animations. For many, this takes away from the appeal of the nature of games and may deter potential players from trying out puzzle games altogether. To emphasize this, each and every move in BoxOff game should be done carefully and strategically, requiring thinking and problem solving skills. A single bad move could lead to a dead end or a stuck board where it is difficult to get out of. However, people who start playing this game will not have to go through a lot of pressure as the developer has introduced a shuffle mode. When a player gets stuck, they can simply shuffle the pieces and continue playing.

A game designed to stimulate the intellectual, BoxOff is appropriate for both adults and children. The interactive elements of the game are user friendly and the players will not have to go through any frustration while playing it. However, this level of simplicity coupled with the puzzle aspect of the game may not be appealing to players looking for the highest entertainment value.

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