Avoid a fashion faux pas with the triMirror Fashion app

Oct 20, 2010

Sometimes a three-way mirror in a store dressing room can help you decide if a new outfit is right for you or all wrong; yet, it will never compare with having feedback from fashion-loving friends.

The free triMirror Fashion app for your Android phone puts your savviest clothes-minded gals in your pocket. Take a quick photo of a potential outfit while you shop and share it with other users of the app to get feedback on whether or not you should purchase. Or use the app at home to explore items already in your closet. For instance, if you’ve been wondering if those brown shoes really match that brown sweater or if last year’s sweater is still in vogue, now you can simply snap a picture, and ask the virtual world of fashion-loving app users.

I love using the triMirror Fashion app to get feedback on potential date night outfits, usually a few days before a fancy night out with my man. I even use it for advice on outfits for a laid back evening of cocktails with the girls or for an important presentation at work.

You can also use the app to channel your inner Rachel Zoe and help other users avoid a fashion faux pas. Imagine if Bjork could have shared that hideous swan dress outfit with the world for feedback before she wore it to the 2001 Academy Awards. If only apps were popular back then.

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