Audience Favorites Droid Apps Vidcon 2011

Aug 2, 2011

Excuse me! Two Questions? What are your favorite apps? What device? Oh and do you love appolicious? The last question was always a yes!

Double Rainbow Soundboard

What could be better than reliving the Double Rainbow on your phone? This soundboard is almost like a meditation. Full on! All the Way!


Angry Birds

Everyone could not stop talking about Angry Birds. Maybe it’s because none of us were aloud to have slingshots as kids? Awesome!



Oh what’s that song? I just Shazaam it! Wow! What could be better?


Golf Channel Mobile

It’s the golf channel on your phone. What could be better? If you love golf, this app is a must have. It’s like coffee for a caffeine addict. Seriously, I asked and one guy was like all I do is work and Golf Channel Mobile is the only app on my Droid.


Sky Map

Choose automatic or manual mode and surf through space! View Constellations, planets, stars, and galaxies. You can also enable and disable a 3D grid.



The Twitter app is a must-have. In between uploading video and making new friends, you have to let your followers know where you are!


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