Arcade Games on Tablet

Mar 2, 2012

Check out these awesome games on tablet. Sometimes bigger is better!

Phil’s Football

This app is a must-have if you want to learn the basics of designing an offense. Awesome!


Fling a Thing

Can you pop all of the bubbles and collect the stars? A fun sling-shot game. Recommend!


AirAttack HD Lite

Realistic graphics and excellent music! Make sure to bomb the bridges and boats and destroy enemy planes. My favorite weapon is the flamethrower. Recommend!


Wolf Toss

Have fun with this Looney Toons sling shot game. Be careful to keep the wolf in the air. When he lands on the ground, you have to try again. Great sound effects! Awesome for kids!



Awesome if you love 3D war games. Move from location to location and destroy the enemy. Very realistic!


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