Apps to make Boston more exciting than it already is

Feb 17, 2011

These are apps to guide you to learn more and have more fun in the city!

Travel Guide – Boston

Travel Guide Boston gives you all options to make your experience in Boston the best thing possible. It seems the options are endless. You have access to lists of events, shopping, bars, nightclubs and live events. You are automatically given the location of each place. Some of them have phone numbers too. You can also see current conditions under ‘About City’, which may be important depending on what time of year you are in town. In case of some kind of emergency there is a spot where you are given help line numbers. There is another tab where you can see what is near you. You can also search a specific venue if you already have one in mind and ‘heart’ your favorites so you can keep going back to them.


Museums In Boston

Boston is a city full of history so why not catch a few museums. Want to see what options you have? Click on ‘List All’. Each museum gives you their address, phone number, email hours and admission on cost. If you know what exactly you’re interested in, just click on that list type and you have all the information that you need.


Boston Herald

Instead of hunting down a newspaper why not look at the exact same thing on your phone? Under ‘News’ you’ve got your top local stories, recent local news, editorial, to the editor, the police blotter (of course…), columnists and more! There is also top sports news, and your traditional business and entertainment sections among other nice additions like the weather and what your commute could like in the morning before heading to work. Now that’s something you can get in paper!


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