Apps to Keep You Sane After Surgery

Nov 4, 2011

I recently got out of surgery and am on the road to recovery. Here are the apps I’ve been using the keep myself entertained and sane while trying to lay low.

Google Body

This app has been great for showing people which pieces of my body now have neat metal parts. It’s also been great for pinpointing where I feel pain. A lot easier to say “right here” and point than just say “right here.” Currently it’s only available on the Tablet OS.


Jelly Defense

This is an awesome game all around. It’s low-key enough so that I can just prop my tablet up on my lap and play for a while.


Words With Friends Classic

I’ve been playing the crap out of this game and it’s low key enough that I can take a little nap in between rounds if I need to and play my moves at my own pace. Also keeps me on my toes because it doesn’t let you play non-sense words.


BUZZ Player

This app let’s you stream media from your computer or home media server (or many other location types!) and has been great for watching shows from bed. I stream them from my Windows Home Server v2 over wireless-N with no problems.


Med Minder – Free

Now this is an app that I wish I had found before I went in for surgery. I’ve been taking antibiotics for a while now (pre and post surgery) and it’s hard to remember if I’ve taken all of my antibiotics for the day at the required time (the sedation meds have fun with my short term memory). I’ve just recently downloaded this app after searching for something to remind me each day at specific times to take my “stupid antibiotics.”

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