Apps to have on a “Rooted” phone…

Feb 10, 2011

Okay so you’ve rooted your droid. What to do now? Well start by adding some apps that only rooted users can install. For instance, “Wireless Tether”, here’s a must have app for a rooted user! And you may as well get the WiFi Manager while you’re at it. Find those hot spots, and if not, just make your phone one; and the carrier is none the wiser.
Another advantage to being “rooted” is you can get rid of those unwanted carrier apps like “NFL”, SKype, My Verizon, …navigator, Vcast music/ video store, even “back up assistant”. Just open up your file manager now and see that the uninstall option is now lit up. Or if not, you can delete anything using “Titanium Backup”! Or change your ROM and save others to your SD card.
Just remember to use caution and always save a back up of your entire phone data and apps first!

Wireless Tether for Root Users

Wi-Fi to your phone using it’s 3G/4G wothout carrier charges.


WiFi Manager

Just to help find and save those hot spots for your phone to automatically sync with when in range.


Titanium Backup ★ root

Great app to have! To backup your entire phone to your DropBox and save on your PC, or delete unwanted apps


CacheMate for Root Users

to clean a room or the entire house đŸ™‚


DX/D2 Overclocker

speed up your phone when it’s awake and slow it down when it’s sleeping. Don’t blow up your phone đŸ™‚


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