Apps I use all day, every day.

Jun 8, 2011

I can’t put my phone down, it’s the only thing that is always on me (both for work and play).
These are the apps I use all day, ever day. Everything from super useful to amusing.

Google Voice

While I love Sprints Visual Voicemail I work in a bomb shelter and that means that sometimes my phone doesn’t ring and sometimes I get delayed message notifications. Using Google Voice has solved all of my woes!
Not only do I get a voice to text copy via SMS but I also get a copy of the voice to text in my email. I can also forward my Google Voice number to my office if I am expecting an important call.


My Coffee Card

Run out of work without my wallet but still want a Venti Chai and this app saves my butt every time. Just launch the app and scan it in and my drink is all paid for. Does require you to sign up and activate a Starbucks card before hand but I’ve used it almost every day just for pure “neat” factor.


Pandora® Radio

While I do have an iPod Classic (160G) with every bit of my music sometimes I get sick of hearing the same stuff over and over and this app delivers.


Gallery 3D

I really disliked the stock gallery on my phone and this app organizes everything in a beautiful and easy to look at UI.
I love that I can “stretch” my picture albums and get a quick view of what’s in it. Very helpful when you have 1000+ pictures.


FML F*ck my life + widget

Standing in line or in that booooring staff meeting? I have this widget setup on my phone and look at it at least once a day.


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