Apps for my favorite day of the year… the SUPER BOWL!

Jan 25, 2011

My Chicago Bears are out (do NOT get me started), but I’m a football fan and my favorite day of the year is fast approaching. Start the countdown to Super Bowl XLV with these apps and – since as a Bears fan I just can’t cheer for the Packers purely on principle – GO STEELERS!

SUPER BOWL XLV countdownwidget

Tick tock… get ready for some play action with this free widget on your homescreen.


SuperBowl XLV SquareTrackIT

Do you play football squares at your SuperBowl parties? Use this Android app instead of a napkin this year!


Green Bay Packers Theme

I don’t like them, but they are a talented team and so I’ll give you this nifty-looking theme because I am fair like that.


Pittsburg Steelers Theme

I forgive the author of this theme for misspelling “Pittsburgh” because the fiery background on this is just awesome.


Epicurious Recipe App

Party time! Get some killer recipes and take it beyond nachos at your Super Bowl shindig.


Dallas Fort Worth Traffic

And if you’re one of the REALLY lucky ones headed to the game, don’t get stuck in traffic!


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