Apps For Boston Sports Nuts

Feb 16, 2011

If you’re anything like me and have favorite teams then these kind of apps are for you!

ESPN Boston (Official App)

All things Boston Sports! Pro or college ESPN Boston has it all. View team blogs, schedules, SportsCenter updates and see a list of Boston Stadiums. You can also send free texts to ESPN for any other information you want. There is also the option of viewing different athletes Twitter accounts. Now, back to the Stadiums tab. When you click on a specific stadium you get a photo, and random facts like the capacity, stadium seating notes, parking and other transportation. Lastly, you get the history of the arenas too.


Something’s Bruin

Something’s Bruin
Everything you ever wanted to know about the Bruins is just a few clicks away. The first thing you come across is a whole slue of articles. You have the choice of viewing general articles or (if you continue to scroll down on your screen) you can enter the Bruins blogosphere world. Still unsure what you want to find? You can click ‘search’ and narrow your options or click on ‘topics’ and randomly pick ones that are posted. You can also do some reporting of your own. Why not catch a game, take some photos and share them with rest of the Bruins world too! Another great feature is that you have the choice to pick your own settings.


Fenway West

Like ‘Something’s Bruin’ you get all the information you want but only this time it’s about Red Sox. Check out your favorite players and see whose been traded. Gear up for the new season and of course take some pictures and post them so you can brag to your friends about how you were able to get tickets to a Sox game. After all, they do sell out every year!


New England Patriots

Patriots 2010
Here is the all access guide to what is going on with the Patriots during there off- season. This app lets you read (articles), view (video) and hear (podcasts). You can view their tweets (yes, the team does have a Twitter!), view their schedules and during football season you can follow game day plays. You’re just one step away from eating, sleeping and breathing all things Pats!


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