Android Virtual Pet Apps

Jul 23, 2010

When I was kid, I loved me some virtual pets. A little creature I could put in my pocket and take with me anywhere. This really was the start of my mobile device addiction. Tamagotchi, Digimon, and even their generic copies, I loved them all. Now, with my Android, I can get some of that old nostalgia back with these apps.

Planet in a Bottle

This free app is not a pet, but a planet. You have to take care of it by giving it sunlight and making it rain (but not too much) and keeping the natives entertained. You unlock achievements by growing your population and keeping them alive.


Little Portal lite

This app is more along the lines of the old school “Digimon” device. It let’s you raise multiple pets and care for them. Clean, feed and discipline/praise but you also get to play mini-games that train the pet and increase it’s stats. Once you have a pet’s stats up, you can battle them with other pets.


Spore Virtual Pet

It’s the basic virtual pet idea but with a couple of unique features. First off, you get to select your creature from the game Spore’s expansive list of creatures. On top of all the basic caring tasks as well as mini games, you can interact with your creature by chatting with it. It has an impressive AI that learns and nets your creature charisma points with every conversation.


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