Android overtakes RIM, and other industry news

Nov 1, 2010

Android has overtaken RIM (RIMM) in smartphone sales for the third quarter, according to two reports released today. NPD and U.K. research firm Canalys both found Android’s U.S. market share to be around 44%, overtaking RIM in its rise to the top. This is only the latest in Android’s evident dominance, which is growing at an increasing rate.

Holiday deals

Android’s unstoppable growth is also a result of the many devices being created for its operating system. Tablets are of particular interest as the holiday shopping season approaches. Viewsonic has announced two Android tablets, including the ViewPad 7, which features a 7-inch LCD display and runs Froyo 2.2. It also supports Google Mobile Services, which is a big improvement from other tablets on the market.

T-Mobile (DTEGY.PK) is also gearing up for the holiday consumer fray, with plans to sell three low-cost Android devices. Starting this week, the carrier will offer the LG Optimus T, Motorola Defy and T-Mobile Comet to kick of this shopping season. The phones have the basics, and even a few perks, for anyone that wants to get into the Android game for $100. The marketing campaign is targeting families, with affordability enabling everybody to have a smartphone.

HD gaming

One thing younger family members love about their Android smartphones are the games. A great new title to check out is EVAC, a colorful arcade game in the theme of Pac-Man. Escape, battle, or trap enemies as you make your way through each level’s maze. For $1.56 you can download the full version for regular or HD devices.

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