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Jul 21, 2010

The BP oil spill, Lindsey going to jail and, oh yeah, a couple of global conflicts. If you need a way to stay informed, look no further than these Android apps that turn your phone into a knowledge pipeline that will leak information all in the gulf of your brain.


Take USA Today with you in your pocket with this app. A quick and easy way to navigate all of their content. News, sports scores, weather and photos.


UK & World News

This app offers a good app and an awesome news source with an international perspective. You can use the full-fledged app or just load the widget onto your home screen for even easier access to the latest stories. The widget will pull popular headlines and display them in the background for super quick skimming.



This is the most fully featured free app on the list. It offers customized RSS feeds to ensure you only get the news you care about. It also offers tons of customization including update frequency, auto updates and favoriting abilities. If you don’t think about checking the app, you can also set up text alerts for even quicker headline updates.


NewsRoom Trial – RSS News

This is the only premium app on the list and is actually rather pricey at $4.99 American dollars. Nonetheless, it is a gorgeous app. It allows you to search and add the RSS feeds of your favorite news sources and blogs. While I don’t feel this is the greatest news apps, it is a beautiful and easy to use RSS reader alternative.


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