Android Games for the Hardcore Gamer

Jan 20, 2011

I’ve been gaming my entire life. I’m now in my mid 20’s and my childhood activity has become an adult hobby. With the passing of years technology has increased profoundly and we have some amazing ways to game nowadays. Sure, we have consoles and PC gaming but the mobile market is blowing up. Most will say you can only get the good games on the iPhone but I say Nay sir! Nay…you can get some amazing games on the Android OS and the following are some of my top picks. I hope you enjoy.


For those of us who live off of RPG games, this is a must. It’s a full fledged RPG game that is actually quite decent. Fighting is done in real time and and you move around the battlefield with directional arrows. You get the choice of one of 4 characters and the story is little different for each but mainly through point of view. There is a part 1 available, but I was a blackberry user when it was released, so I dove right into part 2 (which is perfectly fine).


Angry Birds

What? You thought I would skip this game? Even though this list is for hardcore gamers, you can’t scoff at this one. Yes you are basically throwing birds at objects to kill things but there is a lot of skill involved. Throw in the fact that you can go for max stars on each level plus the hard difficulty levels and you have a game for the hardcore gamer.


RPG Spectral Souls

Spectral Souls is actually a PSP game that recently game to the Android Market. That is amazing if you think about it. Your phone can now play PSP games with ease. The game itself is not for the faint of heart since it is an actual JSRPG. JSRPG is a Japanese Strategy Role Playing Game. You’ll take on the role of a character who controls his party on a battlefield fighting against enemy units. Think of it as a video game version of chess if you aren’t familiar with the genre. Games like Disgaea or Final Fantasy Tactics are very similar.


Game Dev Story

This game was a hit on the iPhone’s of the world before it came to our market but that’s ok. It’s still an amazing game. While I’m told it’s nothing like a real game development company, it doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, and fun it is. You’ll take control of your own game studio, hire employees, and churn out video game after video game trying to raise a profit and make your fans happy. It’s not easy and don’t be put off if you are constantly in debt at first. You’ll eventually find your way and appreciate all that this game has to offer.


Crusade Of Destiny

While the game is a little dated now, it is still a great RPG game. The open world is fantastic and if you have the time, you can really enjoy a pretty big story. Finicky controls sometime cause frustration but if you can look past that, you’ll have a good time with this one.


The Sims 3

It may be a Sims game, but we know how addictive they can become, even for the hardcore gamers in us. The Sims 3 takes what works for typical console versions of the game and uses it to it’s advantages. You aren’t getting a huge person editor here, instead you are focusing on the people interactions, jobs, cities, and general home building. It’s a great game by EA that I’d love to see more of.



Galcon is sort of akin to Risk. Two players begin with a number of units on a planet and move a certain amount to other planets to overtake them. Units are gained per second on each planet and you expand to gain more. Control every planet and you win. Easy enough and highly addictive with multiplayer components that can keep you busy for hours. If it didn’t have the multiplayer it wouldn’t be on this list but since it does, it deserves a spot.


Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave

This game is truly a gem in the marketplace. Part RPG Part Tower Defense, this game has a lot of people hooked. You pick a character and then begin your career by taking on hordes of enemies in a level and by putting up walls/towers to help you take them down. The game was recently updated with a huge amount of additional content so you aren’t getting a one and done development effort. The people behind the game will be supporting it for some time.


Live For Speed

Need for Speed Shift is one of the best looking phone games I have played in a while. I wouldn’t think racing games would fare too well on the handheld market but this one does quite well. Using your phone as a steering wheel, you will take turns and race against the clock in some of the coolest cars around. The full fledge console version of this game did quite well for itself and the handheld game is following in it’s footsteps.


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