Android Apps with Awesome Google Chrome Extensions

Mar 10, 2011

I’m late to the game getting my Google Chrome browser set up, but it’s been a lot of fun trying out different extensions and add-ons. I especially like how these extensions kind of tie the browser in with some of my favorite apps on my Android phone. If you use Chrome, make sure you use these apps!

Evernote – stay organized.

Evernote is my favorite note-taking app already, and the browser extension makes it even cooler. Now I can send links and full webpages right to the app and have them synced and saved on my phone! It’s nice for when you want to save something long-term. For short-term I like term Chrome to Phone app (below).



Springpad is another great organizing app, and the browser extension helps you sync and store info just like on Evernote. Whichever you prefer, these organizing apps are really functional and even better now with the Chrome extensions.


Google Voice

I love how Google Voice can transcribe my emails to text on my phone, and the browser extension makes them pop up in the window so I see them right away, even when the phone is on silent! Just another great reason to choose Google Voice for your voicemail app.


Pandora® Radio

Use the app to set up your stations and preferences on your phone, and then you can use the extension to play from your browser without opening up yet ANOTHER window or tab. The extension doesn’t have a lot of configuration choices so I like to manage my stations from my phone app.


[DEPRECATED] Chrome to Phone

Send links right from your browser to your phone! One click on the Chrome browser extension and the address for the page you’re on goes right to your phone. SO. HANDY.


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