Android Apps to take to the Office

Jul 26, 2010

There are plenty of apps that will get you in trouble if you’re caught playing with them at work. But this list flips the script on that stereotype. Here are some Android apps that your boss won’t mind you bringing to the office.


Bump is the quickest and most hassle free way to exchange contact info with others. Just have both parties open the app, bump fists, and ta-da. No loose business card to keep up with, just contact info saved directly to your phone. The best part about this app is that it’s also iPhone compatible, ensuring you can trade info, regardless of mobile OS differences.


Fox Business

This provides a quick and easy way to access instant stock market info from your handset. But it’s more than a fancy ticker. Use the app to create your stock portfolio to track your stocks. You can also set alerts so you immediately get notified when a stock moves up or down. You can also watch analyst videos right on the app.


Cashbook – Expense Tracker

Cashbook is an app that lets you track business expenses (or any other expenses for that matter). Just enter a price amount and select the category you want to save it under. Cashbook keeps a running tally of the total.


Docs To Go™ Free Office Suite

This app lets you open, edit and save all your MicroSoft Office apps using only your phone. The premium version is $30 but includes PowerPoint support. If you need to create presentations on the go, this is for you.


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