Android Apps for the Great Outdoors

Apr 27, 2012

It’s getting to be that time of year again: time to book a campsite, gather your gear and get outside. These apps can help ensure you’re fully prepared to have an outstanding outing.

We Camp Here Campground Search

Need help picking the perfect campground? This app offers a great way to research camping areas. Yelp is another good app to check.


iBird Pro North America

“Look, honey! It’s a Blue Jay!” “The heck it is, you fool. That’s a Crested Mountain Jay!” How many times have you spotted a beautiful bird and wondered exactly what type it was? Wonder no more.


My Tracks

Love to tramp around in the woods? Why not keep track of your hikes? My Tracks can record hike duration and distance. You can even use the app to help find your way back to camp, if need be.


My Fishing Advisor

“Dude! Let’s go fishing!” “Nah…let’s got CATCHING!” Apps like this can help you find and land the big one…and lots of little ones, for that matter. Great guide to hot spots, effective techniques, and more.


Army Survival Guide

Wander away from camp and now you’re lost? Caught in an unexpected flash flood? Snake bite you? When you find yourself in over your head it’s important to remain calm. Apps like this can give you good information to help you stay alert and alive in potentially dangerous situations. You probably won’t need it but you never know…


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