Android Apps for Otakus

Sep 15, 2010

If you love reading manga or comics, having it on the go is like a dream come true. There aren’t very many reliable manga viewers for Android yet but its just a matter of time. The shut down of has left most of the existing manga viewers crippled or useless. Til new ones come out, here’s a few to entertain you with.

A Comic Viewer

If you go to a scanlation site, download their work to an SD card, then put it on your phone, this program will help you be able to view your downloads. This one is by far the most reliable.



I had to be using my Wifi to get this one to work but otherwise it got me to some of my favorite shounen genre manga scanlations!


MangaWhat | Manga Reader

I accidentally clicked the wrong app and gave it MangaStream’s review (oops) but I did try it out and it was pretty good…. I hope Mangafox or Mangatraders comes out with their own apps soon!!


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