Android Apps for Lovers of Classic Comic Strips

May 27, 2010

I used to love getting the newspaper as a kid and not because I was interested in world events. I’d go straight for the funny pages. These days though, you don’t need to wait until Sunday to read your favorite comics. Download these apps to have your favorite funnies delivered to your phone whenever you want.

Calvin and Hobbes

C&H is definitely my favorite funny of all time. A boy and his imaginary tiger exploring space, driving parents crazy and making inappropriate snow men. Browse comics, share favorites via SMS or email and more.



Good grief. Use this app to follow the misadventures of a bald kid and his beagle and find out if he ever gets to kick that football.



Keep up with Nermal, Odie, John and of course, the king fat cat himself. Frequently features special guest: Lasagna.


All in One – Comics

If you’re like me, you want all of these comics. Luckily, the awesome developer of all these apps (the mysterious ‘beekeepers’) created the ultimate all in one app for us addicts. This app has all the sharing and favoriting features of the stand alone apps, but also consolidates over 130 strips into one app.


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