Android App Video Review: Zombie City II (Boss)

Sep 20, 2011
Video Review

Zombie City II (Boss) is another endless running action hybrid game, released by Game Touch. Despite the extremely similar premise, this game has nothing to do with Devil Ninja or the sequel to that game which also added a boss to the mix. It is the same basic game, but with zombies and guns.

As you run through the zombie-filled streets of this city, you can jump over obstacles with the left button, or shoot with the right. A new addition to the first game is a carpet bombing ultra-attack, which you build up by killing a certain number of zombies. Eventually a big zombie in a truck shows up, throwing things at you and spawning plenty of lesser zombies. The levels are full of different guns to collect, as well as the occasional extra life or invincibility granting riot shield. The whole point of the game is simply to get as far as you can and submit your high score.

I like that they updated some of the gameplay and tweaked the UI. It all feels much more clean and sensible. What I don’t like is that, of course, they didn’t tweak the physics at all, and you still jump very awkwardly. Often times you’ll get stuck in a no-win situation because of the jump height.

The art is pretty good, but not particularly appealing. I will say that I actually really liked some of the weapons you use, though, and there’s even a fun jetpack boost.  It’s a very simple game that won’t keep you occupied for very long, but it’s also totally free anyway. Go ahead and check it out if you want. Download the free Appolicious Android app

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