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Nov 23, 2010
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There are very few games as challenging as word games. Some people just have a knack for finding the craziest words in a jumble of letters, but that is definitely not one of my talents. WordPops is a game that attempts to offer the challenge of a game like Boggle, but puts it in a timed environment that changes based on your word selections.

Essentially, the developers describe it as Tetris meets Scrabble. While this isn’t exactly true, I can see where they pull that from. The game can be one of the most stressful games you’ve ever played. As you create words, the letters are eliminated and the remaining letters fall to top. Using different special letters will help eliminate more and earn more points. As you continue on, the letters will keep appearing faster and faster making you think on your feet.

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If you enjoy word games, WordPops is a ton of fun. I did run into some issues with the responsiveness of my word selections, but it was never enough to ruin the game. Definitely check this one out. There is a lite version in the Market, so take a look at that one before spending any money.

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