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Oct 8, 2010

All of us are used to searching Google or another search engine for answers to our questions or to find new and interesting things. We’ve become so good t it that it usually only take a few seconds to find exactly what we need. But let’s say you have a complex math question and want to compare statistical data of two different countries. You’ll need to find a website that has done the research or dig through hundreds of random results. This is where WolframAlpha comes in.

This app is basically an encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus, calculator, and a dozen other things all rolled into one. Search for any subject and see everything from synonyms to crossword puzzle clues, words that rhyme, or even word frequency throughout history. The site is labelled as a computational knowledge engine. Unlike Google, searching on this site will only yield facts. This means you can use it to find proven data and trust that what you are reading is true. The app chews through your search phrase and breaks it down into a logical problem. It then gives you very detailed results with graphs, charts, and other statistical data.

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There are plenty of apps that offer similar services for free, but none that are so comprehensive and put all those services in one easy to use place. I would probably have killed to have this app throughout school; it’s pretty much the ultimate education aide. The large screen of a tablet makes the keyboards easy to use, and it makes good use of the space.

Although I personally don’t have a daily use for the app, it still has amazing value and would be perfect for anyone in school or who is doing research. The engine is improving all the time and only gets better as it grows. Definitely check this app out.

Developer: Wolfram Group
Price: €3,33
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