Android App Video Review: Whale Trail

Jan 30, 2012

Whale Trail is the latest game from developer ustwo. It’s a very simple and addictive title that’s reminiscent of the classic Flash game Helicopter, but with much more of a Tiny Wings kind of feel. This great gameplay is combined with extremely psychedelic rainbow-colored visuals, a trippy premise, and great music to create an experience unlike any other on the Android Market.

You play as Willow the Whale, who can apparently fly. In your attempts to escape the evil Baron Von Barry, you must fly through rainbow land while collecting bubbles to keep yourself from falling back down to Earth. There are plenty of color representative friends for you to make, who will help you along your journey. Unfortunately, rainbow land is full of angry storm clouds called Thunder Bros., who will drain your energy and decrease your combo counter. Is that a trippy enough premise for you?

Willow is controlled with a simple one-touch system. Touching the screen will make her fly upwards, and letting go will cause her to fall. Holding the screen continuously will cause her to loop-de-loop. You have to figure out the rhythm of the controls so that you can follow the bubble trails accurately. As you collect bubbles, your score multiplier will continue to increase. You’ll also run into speed boosters and star pickups. Enough star pickups will send you into frenzy mode, increasing your bubble collecting range while letting you destroy those grumpy clouds. It’s a simple yet highly replayable system that anyone can enjoy.

Whale Trail Android App Review —

Today: The psychedelic and trippy casual game hits the Android Market. A review of Whale Trail by App: Whale Trail Price: $0.99 View this app’s page for more info: View the transcript of this review on Appolicious:

Classic mode asks you to fly through all of rainbow land, or just as far as you can make it, scoring you along the way. It feels more like an Endless mode, though I’m fairly sure there is an end to it. After playing it, you’ll unlock challenge mode, which is a more traditional level based system, with each level rewarding up to three stars. These levels consist of very short bursts of gameplay in which you’ll have to collect as many bubbles and destroy as many clouds as possible to max out your score. This mode requires a greater mastery of the controls, asking you to pull of some very precise maneuvers. You’ll always need to collect enough stars to unlock more of these levels.

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The unique aesthetics, from the art to the vibrant colors to the strange background music, definitely make this game worth it alone. Luckily, the gameplay is also ridiculously addictive. The game supports ScoreLoop achievements and leaderboards to give it a competitive edge, and there’s even a hilarious music video for the game’s theme song linked right in the app itself. You can download this game for the introductory 50 percent off price of $0.99, though it is most definitely worth it for two. Check it out ASAP.

Whale Trail Classic
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