Android App Video Review: WatchESPN

May 26, 2011

WatchESPN is the official app of ESPN, allowing you to look at schedules, watch replays of recent sporting events, and even watch a live stream of their four networks. Unfortunately, the streaming is of  low quality, and only a select few, and I mean few, television service providers are compatible with WatchESPN.

The app allows you to find pretty much any event you might be looking for. You can divide everything by sport, by specific channel, or you can even use the search function to say… search for everything involving the Chicago Bulls. There is also a featured page with the most popular recent and upcoming events.

Everyone has access to the functions I just went over, but not everyone has access to the streaming service, whether it’s live streaming or replays. Only a small number of service providers work with the app, and they aren’t even all the big ones. Both DirecTV and Comcast are incompatible. Just for signing up, you get four hours of viewing time, so there’s always that. The streams were also of  low quality though, and not really worth it anyway. Basically, if you download this app, you will at least get a very fancy, glorified TV guide to the ESPN channels.

WatchESPN Android App Review –

Today: Get out your foam fingers and put on your favorite jersey, it’s time for some sports! A review of WatchESPN by App: WatchESPN Price: Free

I’m not even big on sports, so I wasn’t expecting to get very excited over this app, but even I could see that the quality needs some work. The service isn’t working at all on dozens of people’s phones, and the lack of service provider support is disappointing. This is a really great start to what could be a great app for sports fans, but it’s only mediocre as it stands. Luckily, it’s entirely free, so check it out for yourselves and see how it works with your phone and your service provider.

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Price: Free
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