Android App Video Review: Virtual Table Tennis 3D

Mar 1, 2011
Video Review

Table tennis games haven’t really been on the top of the list when it comes to playability and fun factor for Android phones. Too often we find that they are a little slow or get pretty dull after a few rounds. Virtual Table Tennis 3D changed that perspective for me by offering one of the smoothest gameplay experiences I have ever seen in a table tennis app.

The game isn’t anything too complicated with only a few options to choose from and pretty straightforward gameplay. But the part that made this game count for me was that it played so smoothly. There was rarely a hiccup in the framerate and the higher difficulty was actually pretty tough to beat. It gave me quite a few rounds of intense volleys.

But even though this game plays wonderfully and looks the part as well, it is still plagued by simplicity. After a good set of games it began to feel a little too repetitive and I eventually set it down. Overall, it’s a great app worth checking out but it might get old quickly for some of you.

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Erik Fikkert

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