Android App Video Review: Virtual Horse Racing 3D

Feb 14, 2011
Video Review

When I first picked up Virtual Horse Racing 3D, I thought I was in for some equestrian fun, riding horses around tracks. But the app turned out to be something much different…

The app is essentially a gambling app where you place bets on different races and then watch them to see the outcome. There isn’t any storyline or reason for why you are doing this, you are just placing bets and trying to see how much money you can collect.

When you start, you are brought to the betting page where you will place your bets on different horses. You can view your odds and all different details about the horse before you drop the cash. Once you’ve chosen, you watch the race and hope your horse wins.

While everything about this app is for fun only, I couldn’t help feeling like I was training for the real thing. This is fine, but there really wasn’t much game to it and at the end of the day, you really don’t come away with anything but wasted time.

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Erik Fikkert

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