Android App Video Review: Tiny Robots

Sep 12, 2011
Video Review

Tiny Robots is the latest app from Runner Games Studios, the people behind Yoo Ninja! and Pumpkins vs. Monsters. Once again, they’ve replicated an iOS game and brought that basic experience to the android, this time cloning a game called Velocispider. It’s a pretty blatant copy, but it’s pretty well done, and there is no Velocispider for Android devices anyway, so I’ll forgive it.

You play as, well, a Tiny Robot as you defend three nuclear power cores from other invading robots trying to destroy you and steal them. It’s basically a modern version of Space Invaders, except entirely built around tilt controls. You constantly fire and tilt to move your robot left and right, never having to touch the screen. As you trade fire with enemies, they’ll drop various power ups for your guns, like double or rapid shot. Occasionally an enemy will try to sneak off with one of your cores via tractor beam, and you have to be quick to stop them. If you lose your three lives or your three cores, you lose.

The game is separated into several smaller levels, and dying only means that your cumulative score resets to zero. There aren’t really any leader boards, so I don’t know why they went with this kind of scoring structure, but clones be cloning I guess. The gameplay is pretty solid, but at times it can feel a bit off. Like several little things need to be tweaked, from enemy speeds to tilt sensitivity and hit boxes. The game can also feel very slow at times. I really love the art in this game though, and it has a very unique visual style and color palate. The music was pretty decent, too. This game is totally free, and there aren’t many like it on the Android Market, so check it out.

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Andrew Koziara

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