Android App Video Review: Strike Knight

May 11, 2012

Strike Knight is a simple new arcade game from Backflip Studios, of Ninjump and Paper Toss fame. It’s essentially a table-top bowling game. There really isn’t very much to the app, and it could use some more features, but it’s a solid time waster and more fun than I thought it would be. It’s definitely worth picking up just to check out.

The developers describe the app as a shuffle puck bowling game. It’s just like bowling in many ways, but you’re sliding a puck towards the pins instead of hurling a ball. The game also involves a timing aspect. Depending on when you launch the puck in accordance with the scrolling lights, your hits will be worth different point values, with an 800-point strike being the highest. Each strike score is paired with a lower spare score, and if you fail to get a spare then whatever pins you did hit will make a paltry addition to your total score.

The graphics are pretty well done, with the Strike Knight himself heckling your failures. Plus there’s lot of well-done ambient conversation and crowd noises as if you’re really in a restaurant or bar. There are quite a few issues with this app, though. The physics seem really wonky, and sometimes your puck will hit pins that are nowhere near it. It can be distracting. There are in-game achievements, but no online leaderboards, which I feel would have fit perfectly. There is at least a pass-and-play multiplayer mode for some competition. This is basically a simple and fun time waster akin to Download the free Appolicious Android app

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