Android App Video Review: Star Wars Pinball

Mar 18, 2013

Zen Pinball HD from Zen Studios is pretty much the crème of the crop as far as mobile pinball table simulators go. They’ve got the formula down as far as physics and table design go, so imagine my excitement to hear about Star Wars Pinball from the very same company! Blending the nostalgia of classic Star Wars with the vibrant colors of the modern Cartoon Network show, all with excellent gameplay, this is a must own for anyone who has ever enjoyed Star Wars and pinball in their lives.

The first table you get with the initial download is based on Empire Strikes Back, and it’s pretty great. The best part of movie licensed tables has always been the official sound bites and music that you hear as you play, and that remains true here. One thing I like about digital pinball are the unique events only possible in the digital realm, like having to fight of a stormtrooper who can actually destroy your ball with his blaster fire, or surviving a duel with Darth Vader.

Star Wars Pinball Android App Review –

Today: The most nostalgic pinball game ever. A review of Star Wars Pinball by App: Star Wars Pinball Price: $1.99 The price depicted is at the time of this review, and could easily be changed.

As with similar games, additional tables will cost you a bit extra, at two dollars apiece. Whether you find this a bit steep all depends on how much you actually enjoy pinball, but a lot of work does go into every single table. The other nostalgic table revives everyone’s favorite bounty hunter, Boba Fett, who is really only beloved because of his cool armor and jetpack, despite being functionally useless in the movies.

Anyway, joining him at his table are the Sarlacc Pit and Jabba the Hutt, and it’s awesome to see Boba Fett jetpack around the map as if avoiding your ball. The final table, based on the Cartoon Network show, The Clone Wars, is also pretty solid, if lacking in nostalgia. It’s much more colorful and pleasing to the eye, if anything. More tables are coming in future updates.

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One very interesting aspect of this app is the Light Side/Dark Side meta-game going on. As you play, you’ll earn points for your chosen side, even ranking up as you go, eventually reaching Jedi Master or Sith Lord, all in a community wide battle of good and evil that includes everyone who ever plays this game online, though you’ll need to sign into their optional network to really take part. If you would rather just have the tables without the meta game, downloading these tables for Zen Pinball HD is also an option at the moment. Either way, at two dollars for the initial download, I’d say this is more than worth checking out.

Star Wars™ Pinball 5
Developer: Zen Studios
Price: €2,19+
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