Android App Video Review: Soulcraft THD

Feb 16, 2012
Role Playing

The idea of an all-out war between heaven and hell seems to be perfectly suited to video games, yet this motif is not utilized nearly as much as you would think. Developers MobileBits seeks to remedy that with Soulcraft THD, their Tegra-powered, twin stick, action RPG. They plan to release the game on more devices in the future, but the beta is unfortunately a “tablet only” affair.

Not much back-story is given thus far, but clearly angels and demons are going all out, and Earth is their battleground. Seeing massive fiery chasms in the middle of cities and destroyed highways definitely sets the right tone. There are numerous locations based on several cities and three playable factions; Angels, Demons, and surviving humans. In the beta, we’ve got Venice and Hamburg and only the Angel is playable. This limited version of the game gives us a fantastic snapshot of what to expect in the final release. The twin stick controls allow for a simple and fun experience, but the RPG elements and the different spells tied to your armor take it to the next level.

In each city there are four mission types and a fifth boss mission. You’ll be asked to defeat every enemy, make it to the portal in a limited time, destroy the hell-gates, and defend some crystals. You’ll be doing this over and over again, as each city has nine tiers of difficulty. In this aspect, the game is very repetitive. Luckily, as you play you’ll collect experience and souls. Souls are used to purchase new armor and weapons in the shop, and these bring different spells into your arsenal, giving you one armor based spell, and one movement spell. Movement spells are doubly effective for getting around quickly. Once you hit the third difficulty tier, you’ll probably have to go back and grind easier levels for experience and souls. You can also buy things with gold, but I’ve yet to find any way to earn it in-game. You can only get more gold through in-app purchases.

Soulcraft THD Beta Android Tablet App Review –

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The graphics are detailed and crisp, and I love the destroyed environments. The effects for each spell and attack are also flashy and impressive. The epic orchestral soundtrack is very reminiscent of groups like Two Steps From Hell, who make and license epic trailer music for a living. You can create an account and play online using your email, though I saw no difference between playing online or off. This release might be very limited and full of bugs, but it is a beta after all. You can check it out completely for free, and I can’t wait to see what the finished product looks like.

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