Android App Video Review: Sleepwalker’s Journey

Dec 28, 2012

11 Bit Studios saw great success with their reverse tower defense game,Anomaly Warzone Earth. Lately however, before releasing the sequel Anomaly Korea, they’ve been trying some new things. Namely, they released the oddball Funky Smugglers, and this little gem you see here. Sleepwalker’s Journey takes the Lemmings or Luminosity style gameplay and puts it in a wonderful dreamlike setting, with sound and music to match. All together, this creates a wonderful puzzler with a lovely aesthetic that anyone can enjoy.

After being knocked from your sleeping place on the crescent moon, our protagonist begins sleepwalking back towards it. It’s up to the player to keep this unknowing fool alive by manipulating the environment around him as he walks. This includes but isn’t limited to: Moving platforms and ramps, turning fans on and off, firing him out of cannons, connecting platforms with special rope, and much more. As with Anomaly, there is a fast forward button here to alleviate frustration and let you play at your own pace.

Sleepwalker’s Journey Android App Review –

Today: A new puzzler of pleasantry, from the maker’s of Anomaly. A review of Sleepwalker’s Journey by App: Sleepwalker’s Journey Price: $0.99 The price depicted is at the time of this review, and could easily be changed.

As it stands now, there are three worlds with fifteen levels each, with more promised in future updates. In each level, you’ll have to collect all the stars, the three somewhat hidden moons, and reach your bed within a certain time limit to get that gold medal. Like many games, it is time consuming when you want to get that gold medal, and I mean that in the best way possible. As I mentioned earlier, the colorful, cool visuals are just lovely, with a lot of purples, blues, reds, and yellows, creating an aesthetic that you really don’t see in games. This relaxing aesthetic combined with well designed puzzles leads to a game that everyone should give the time of day. I definitely recommend Sleepwalker’s Journey, available now for only one dollar.

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Sleepwalker's Journey
Developer: 11 bit studios
Price: €0,89


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