Android App Video Review: Puffle Launch

Oct 19, 2011
Video Review

Puffle Launch is the first mobile game from Disney to be released on the Android Market. It’s a simple, and sometimes frustrating, game that is very enjoyable. If you don’t get this app for yourself, at least get it for your kids.

So what the blue blazes is a Puffle, exactly? My expert team of researchers have determined that it has something to do with the popular online Disney game, Club Penguin. Apparently these things are in-game pets, or something, and Puffle Launch is actually a mini game within Club Penguin. Well, now you can take that game anywhere with you. Supposedly, you can actually earn coins to be used in Club Penguin through this app, so that’s always cool.

Despite the kid-inspired origins of this game, it is most enjoyable for just about everyone. The gameplay involves blasting the Puffle from cannon to cannon, collecting rings and getting to the goal. All sorts of obstacles are introduced as well as different kinds of cannons. You just tap the screen to launch, while touching either the left or right side of the screen moves your Puffle in midair. Steering the Puffle where you want him to go can be rather difficult, but the game is without penalty. You can fall off the map as much as you want, you’ll just spawn at your most recent checkpoint and go again. This is a game meant mostly for kiddies, after all. You can avoid most of the really hard stuff if you aren’t determined to get every single ring on a level.

Eventually you’ll unlock time trial, turbo, and slo-mo modes for added challenge and variety. There aren’t that many levels, but getting every ring and completing every mode definitely stretches your play time out by a lot. The game’s simple cartoon art style and sound design are well done and appealing. This game can be yours for only one dollar. Even though it’s for kids, the designers are clearly old school gamers. The main mechanic of the game is just an expanded version of the blasting barrels from the Donkey Kong Country games, and there are enough rings in this game to make Sonic the Hedgehog foam at the mouth. These reminiscent elements alone are enough to warrant giving this one a try.


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Andrew Koziara

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