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Oct 30, 2013

Pivvot is a new game from Fixpoint Productions, and it’s here to tickle that super addicting, super challenging game itch that we all get from time to time. In the same vein as Super Hexagon, it’s a really simple, abstract, and minimalist arcade game about avoidance that exudes elegance. It’s not quite on Super Hexagon’s level, but it’s still great, and well worth a purchase.

Your goal is to pivot a ball around a fixed path, avoiding the colored obstacles along the way. The camera will mess with you a bit as you rapidly scroll along the winding pathway. It’s really all about muscle memory as you learn each obstacle type and the best way to avoid them after quickly recognizing them. Some obstacles move, just to add a bit of extra challenge. While many modes have preset obstacles, the actual way the path and camera move are procedurally generated, adding some variety.

Pivvot Android App Review –

Today: A super cool challenging game in the vein of Super Hexagon. A review of Pivvot by App: Pivvot Price: $2.99 The price depicted is at the time of this review, and could easily be changed.

The game has two main modes. Voyage mode will take you along a preset path of obstacles with unlimited lives, essentially teaching you the game. The challenge is to complete each voyage with as few deaths as possible. Endless mode also puts you on a preset path of the same obstacles you’ve recently learned to avoid, asking you to last at least one hundred seconds to unlock the next difficulty. Expert Voyage and Expert Endless repeat this pattern. If you beat both of those, you’ll gain access to Berserk Mode, which I haven’t done yet, but imagine is all kinds of fun. The main modes to enjoy are the Random Endless modes, which don’t have preset obstacles to memorize, purely testing your reflexes and reaction time as you round those bends.

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This game deserves a lot of recognition just for being both an original concept, but also being well executed. It’s a fun game. I doubt it will keep anyone hooked for too long, but it’s a great ride while it lasts. The minimalist art serves the game well, and the soundtrack is pure excellence. This game is also a dying breed, in that you only pay for the game and there are no in-app purchases. Just a game, and some leaderboards to climb. Pivvot is available for three dollars at the time of this review. Give it a whirl!

Price: €3,31+
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