Android App Video Review: PhotoFluent

Sep 13, 2010

In photography, it can always be a challenge to nail those perfect settings for a shoot and many times is one of the most frustrating part of the job. There are all kinds of self help books and pro tips that can be found but nothing can truly tell you exactly what to do as photography is an art style. Still, a little help can be a good thing. PhotoFluent is a small app for Android phones that basically puts together a small collection of shooting tips for photographers to reference.

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The app splits up the tutorials and hints into different categories. You could search through the Outdoor Photography section to find tips on how to photograph architecture, beaches, celebrities, and more. Each section offers recommended settings to use as well as a small explanation of userful strategies. Although the app does cover quite a few scenarios, each tip is a little bear aside from the recommended settings. There aren’t really any examples or in-depth tutorials, but it does offer a starting point if you are stuck. The app is free to download so definitely check it out if you want some quick tips on the fly.

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