Android App Video Review: Paladog

Mar 1, 2012

Paladog from FazeCat is a brilliant little title. It combines elements of castle defense games like Cartoon Wars and Action RTS games like League of Legends. You aren’t defending an actual castle, but rather a hero character.

You still summon new units to take down the enemy’s castle, but with your own items and abilities, you aide your army. I guess this would be a “castle offense” then, much like Anomaly Warzone Earth is a “tower offense.” Whatever. Either way, it has colorful art, addictive gameplay, and is definitely worth your time and your dime.

Paladog Android App Review –

Today: A unique “Castle Offense” featuring anthropomorphic critters. A review of Paladog by App: Paladog Price: $1.99 The price depicted is at the time of this review, and could easily be changed.

As the Paladog you are a very defensive hero, focusing on buffing and supporting your main army. You can have up to three different maces equipped, each casting a different spell, from a fireball to a freezing ice shard to a healing spell to devastating meteors, and much more. As you play, your mana and food will automatically regenerate. Mana is used for the spells, and food is used to send new troops to the front line. You also support these troops through your aura, which enhances their strength and speed. As you cut down enemies one by one, you’ll occasionally level up and be given three random level bonuses to choose from. These range from increasing your mana and food caps, their regeneration rates, increasing the size of your aura, enhancing its effects, and much, much more. In between matches, you’ll use all the gold you’ve earned to unlock or upgrade new troops, and to buy and sell equipment in the shop.

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There is also an interesting survival mode. You start at square one and play for as long as you can with no breaks. You’ll level up ridiculously frequently in this mode, and your new troops are added as level bonuses. The randomness of your bonuses makes it hard to choose wisely or strategically, but that can be part of the fun. Once you get to the third wave of survival, you can beat down the Dark Dog boss, and then you’ll realize that there’s an entire other half to this game. After unlocking the Dark Dog as a character, you get a whole new campaign to play through, plus a very different survival mode. Dark Dog is all about offense. He is attack focused, his aura affects enemies in negative ways instead of supporting allies, and he drops stationary totems more than summoning real troops. It’s a very different play style, and it’s great to switch between the two when one gets tiresome. Seriously though, Dark Dog is like, the coolest thing ever.

The colorful 2D art is well done, and the designs of all the different animal soldiers are just great. The music and all of that is good too. There are in-game achievements and leaderboards as well. This is definitely a solid game all around. It can be very frustrating though, as quite often you’ll have to replay levels to grind out experience or gold. Some levels can turn into epic tug of war matches as the enemies occasionally send out ridiculously massive waves of enemies. It’s really not fair sometimes, but it’s always enjoyable, and just makes winning that much more triumphant. There’s always the option of in-app purchases to make things easier, but with patience, you can overcome. You can download this nifty title for just two dollars at the time of this review, and there’s a free version to test out as well. Definitely check it out.

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Developer: FazeCat
Price: €1,60+
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