Android App Video Review: Orvis Fly Fishing

Feb 2, 2011

Fly fishing can be one of the most relaxing activities to do on a sunny day and can provide hours of calm entertainment. But anyone who has been fly fishing before knows that there is a ton to learn and it can take years to master all the techniques and fly tying skills needed to be good.

Orvis has released a Fly Fishing app for Android phones that will hopefully serve as a tutorial or refresher on the basics all the way up to the more advanced knot tying techniques. The app is really put together well and has a ton of very useful information to learn. Both expert and beginner fisherman can learn from this app and it is nice to have all the quick tips available right on the phone.

The price will get most users as it is easily more than what three apps would normally cost you. At the time of the review they were offering a kind of rebate deal with the app, but the price will still hold some back. Still, check it out. It has a ton of excellent content.

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Erik Fikkert

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