Android App Video Review: Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes

Jul 25, 2013
Role Playing

Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes is one of the most uniquely fun and entertaining RPG type games to come out in the last few years. It combines match three gameplay with deep layers of strategy, plus an engaging fantasy story and a colorful cast of characters and factions. It offers loads of content in a 20+ hour campaign and plenty of unlockables too. Plus multiplayer, which is always nice. This is easy to recommend as a must own.

If you don’t want this game on your Android device, that’s fine. You can also find it on the Nintendo DS and iOS platform. The point is that you play it at some point if you enjoy puzzles, strategy, RPG’s, or any mix of the three. Starting out as a young elven huntress named Anwen, our journey begins as her encampment is attacked by demons and she among various other characters lose people close to them. Before long, you find yourself wrapped up in plots to send the world into chaos and war, pitting friends against friends.

The battles are fascinating. The idea is to line up three units of the same type and color, which will set off their attack countdown timer. You can also combine units horizontally to create walls that block enemy attacks, relative to the amount of damage the enemy would do. Likewise, idle units not doing anything can be destroyed by enemy attacks, but the attack will be weakened in the process. The idea is just to lower the enemy HP to zero.

M&M: Clash of Heroes Android App Review –

Today: A fantastic RPG puzzler makes appears on Android. A review of M&M: Clash of Heroes by App: M&M: Clash of Heroes Price: $4.99 The price depicted is at the time of this review, and could easily be changed.

This might all sound complex on paper, but it’s really very simple and intuitive, and the tutorial explains things beautifully. You can link different attacks if they’re of the same color and attack at the same time, and you can fuse two identical attack formations into one more powerful one. Plus there are special units, artifacts that you can equip for special bonuses, and even super powerful character spells that you charge up.

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Each faction brings interesting new twists to the mechanics, from the humans to the demons to the undead. Like any good RPG, there are loads of side quests and optional fights to tackle for the extra challenge, including a bounty hunter mission system. In terms of originality, depth, and length of play, this game more than justifies its five dollar price tag. And I haven’t even gone into how beautiful the art and music are. There are very few drawbacks to this game. I definitely recommend it.

M&M Clash of Heroes
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