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Aug 31, 2010

Ever since the first creation of movies using a video game engine, we’ve seen some interesting changes in the way people create stories. All kinds of players now have the ability to create their own series and become popular among their peers. But with so many videos in circulation, there is a huge need to collect the best., while not solely focused on machinima videos, brings a wealth of quality films, video game news, and previews. Android App Review –

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Now offered in app form, the site can be accessed from anywhere the internet is. Users can browse through the large collection of professional gaming videos or just see the latest trailers for upcoming games.

The app lets you post any content you find to Twitter and Facebook making it a great way to spread good videos. Users can search for a specific video they may be looking for or just tap through the featured and popular sections for interesting finds.

There wasn’t much to complain about when it came to this app although I did find it occasionally wouldn’t load the content for certain tabs. Rebooting the app fixed the issues though.

Overall, this a great app for any gamer who wants to stay up with the latest and find good user-made videos. Definitely check it out.

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