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Android App Video Review: Little Empire

Jan 27, 2012

Little Empire is the latest release from developers Camel Games. It’s a free-to-play, location-based massively multiplayer online game with a kind of tower defense mixed with real-time strategy battle system. Whatever this game classifies as, it’s a very unique and original title. The game is pretty well done all around, but it does have its fair share of flaws, and you’ll be doing a lot of waiting while you play it.

This game gives you sovereignty over very little empire indeed, asking you to build it up to something dominant and magnificent. You’ll build new buildings with varying uses, and organize your town in any way you see fit as you consistently expand it. Buildings can exist to raise your population limit, train new troops, mine for minerals and gold, or to increase your empire’s overall defensive capabilities.

You can either take the offensive to other players or the computer in various skirmishes, or you can set up and arrange your line of defense at home, just in case any players decide to attack you and steal your goods while you are away. The battle system is pretty cool, although largely passive. After you set your troop formations and put your hero character down, you just watch as the battle unfolds. The only thing you can do is use your hero’s spells and abilities from time to time, but it’s more important to have a solid defense going in.

There will always be various tasks for you to complete, whether they are massive battles or a simple building request. As you reap the rewards from your efforts, you’ll level-up, giving you access to new troops, buildings, abilities and much more. Training troops and farming resources takes a lot of time unless you want to use Mojo. Mojo is the special currency that lets you speed up production and buy special items. You can always buy more Mojo in-app if you feel the need. Without it, the game will move quite slowly, with you waiting to come back and check on things throughout the day.

The simple cartoony 3D graphics are well done, and the art style reminds me of Download the free Appolicious Android app

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